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Part 11:Kentucky & Detroit-CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER/ANGKOR WAT TOUR 1988


     On our way north for the next show at Blondie's in Detroit, we drove up through Kentucky from Tennessee. While I was driving down the highway in the middle of nowhere, this car next to us was giving me these weird looks and pointing towards the back of our van, or better yet the U-haul trailer. "Hey guys, will one of you look out the back window and see if something is going on? I don't see anything from my side mirrors" I don't remember who it was that looked out the window and saw sparks flying down the road. O' Fuck! Our U-Haul tire, I mean rim! The tire was completely gone, it probably looked something like Blackie Lawless's flaming cod piece rolling down the highway. Hahaha. I wonder how none of us noticed this sooner? Man! We are screwed now! We are stuck in the middle of bum fuck nowhere's ville Kentucky, it's really fucking hot and humid, it's starting to get dark and the Angkor Wat guys were miles ahead of us! GREAT! What now? I pull over, we check out the damage, have a few laughs and hope that the Angkor Wat guys notice that something happened and that they turn around to come look for us....... The side of the road where we pulled over was just dry brush and trees for as far as you could see, all the way  around you. I'm Pretty sure we were all wearing shorts and tshirts since it was so freaking hot. Bill on the other hand was just wearing a tank top shirt and was just wearing a pair of flip flops. While we're hanging out taking pictures of the beat up rim and goofing off, Bill all of a sudden freaks out and starts frantically checking his body from head to toe. Bill got Ticked!, a few times. We are so lucky that he found them early and that we/him were able to pull/burn them out before they burrowed in and started sucking. The people driving down the highway, I assume got some good laughs at our expense....... 5 guys on the side of the road, half naked, flapping their arms around, checking eachother for ticks.  As the sun started setting, we were starting to get a little concerned about anyone coming to help us out, but as soon as that happened the Angkor guys pulled up and rescued us from a possible tick infested Kentucky nightmare. After a few more hours, a tow truck picked us up, got us into the closest town where we could get the U-Haul wheel fixed the next day. Once the wheel was fixed, we were back on the highway heading north towards Ohio. This time though we caravanned much closer to each other. THANK YOU! A.W. Mike, Dave, David, Danny and Adam for saving us! You guys Rule.

Dayton,OH-day off 
Don't remember a thing about staying in Dayton, I'm sure all we did was hang around the hotel or go to the mall or something. 

Angkor Wat & Cryptic Slaughter vans outside of our Detroit hotel

July 15th 1988

Dave Nuss and Danny Lohner destroying Blondie's in Detroit!

Thrashing during Cryptic Slaughter's set at Blondie's

Rob, catching some air!

Rob, Les and Bill!

Scott, Bill and Rob getting into the groove.

     Detroit Michigan and the home of Justin Ivey and his killer War & Pain fanzine. ( In the next month or so, I will be adding scans of old Cryptic pieces from a bunch of old zines such as War & Pain, Uniforce and D.O.D., to name a few. More on that later.) Justin was a longtime friend and Cryptic Slaughter supporter. When we got into town we hung out with Justin and had some beers. Us and Angkor Wat had hotel rooms a pretty close to the infamous club Blondie's where we were playing, so the night before our show we went down to the club and hung out for awhile! Great seedy run down kinda club that had stencils of all the bands that played the club in the early/late 80's on the ceiling tiles. You pretty much name a Metal or Punk band from that era and they played Blondie's at one time or another. The place is still around too, which is quite amazing. This is also another show where I never found a flyer or ad for the show, oh well! I remember the club staff being really cool and giving us pitchers of beer. We drank more beer in Detroit than anywhere else on the whole tour. The beers flowed like water in Michigan, it was quite wonderful, plus you got .10 cents back per can, which equaled.....More beer! Once again the crowd response was tremendous for both bands, lots of thrashing during both set(s). Once again I don't remember if there was an opening act. I  wish it would have been Repulsion! At the end of the night, after the show our burly, bad ass, tattooed, muscular, very cool bartender chick loaded us kids up with many pitchers of wobble pop (beer) while we loaded our gear. From there we moved the party back to one of our hotel rooms, our  bartender/waitress even joined us. She must have liked the fact that the guy that she came back with had a mowhawk too? It was an instant connection. She proceeded to take off his hat, take him into the next room and ride him like a suped up Harley on a bumpy road. Naturally, in a drunken stupor, a few of us snuck into the room and filmed snippets of this punker porno in between fits of drunken laughter. Both of them had to have known that we were in the room and lifting up the covers. I think they were to drunk to care. My sides hurt from laughter, just thinking about it. Any evidence of this was destroyed years and years before the internet and thats a good thing! As the early morning hours crept up, we finished the beer pyramid and crashed out. 

After the show at the hotel room. Bill, Brinkman and our Blondie's bartender.

Les and our Blondie's bartender.

Les and Mike Titsworth trying to finish our beer pyramid. That's only a fraction of the beer we consumed too!

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and ANGKOR WAT - Outside of our hotel in Detroit July 1988. Right before we took off to Canada and what would end up being the end of the tour as we know it.
Left to Right: Mike Titsworth, Dave Nuss, Les Evans, Adam Grossman, David Brinkman, Bill Crooks, Rob Nicholson, Scott Peterson and Danny Lohner

Rob in Detroit on our day off in the hotel room, enjoying some cheese, crackers and a beer while telling us a story. Probably semi hungover and or semi drunk. Actually, probably both.

NEXT UP: The Canadian Border, Cocaine Foot Powder and the beginning of the END for Cryptic Slaughter!


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