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July 2nd 1988
San Antonio,TX-Showcase Special Events Center
     Good morning and Happy 21st Birthday to Les Evans!!!!! We all dust off the cobwebs from the night before and gather up the troops at one of the guys from Angkor Wat's house and load up gear and merch while we wait for everyone to show up. After waiting for a significant amount of time for Angkor Wat's roadie Kenny, we all decide we can't wait any longer, so we head out of Corpus for San Antonio. Not long after we're on the road we pull into a Denny's for some food. All 10 of us squish into a booth or grab a table close by and talk about the show last night, why their roadie flaked out on them and what was possibly in store for tonight's show in San Antonio. About 5-10 minutes before we were done eating, Bill excused himself and headed to the bathroom. None of us thought anything of it until later. Once we're done, all 9 of us go up to the cash register to pay each bill individually and head towards the door. One by one we walk out the front door where Bill nonchalantly rejoins us and slips out the door. The waitress didn't even notice Bill was gone, so by the time she noticed there was something missing, we were either long gone or they were just happy to get rid of us and didn't even want to bother. I'm sure they didn't miss their $2.99 grand slam breakfast. From here on out Bill became Bill "dine and dash" Crooks for the rest of the tour and he lived up to it each chance he got, without ever getting caught too. The rest of the ride to San Antonio, I rode in the Angkor van and listened to Dave Brinkman's awesome cassettes of the Larm, Groovy Aardvark, Devastation,Rose Rose and Watchtower while we all shot the shit about music and got to know each other.

    We pulled into San Antonio in the late afternoon and went straight to the the Showcase. It was a huge place that probably held 800+ people. The club filled up quickly with rabid fans before the first band even took the stage. Cerebral Distortion took the stage first, they were a young 5 piece band that played in your face simplistic thrash that leaned more towards punk. Their youthful energy got the crowd pumped up before the next band Gloomy Gus took the stage. Truthfully, I don't remember a thing about Gloomy Gus (If anyone can direct me towards a recording of theirs or more info on them, I'd appreciate it). I was busy pulling double duty on roadie detail since Angkor Wat's roadie never showed so I was probably somewhere either selling merch or helping set up drums. Once again Angkor Wat hit the stage like a fucking tornado and crushed everything around them as they ripped through another killer set of songs from their upcoming record. After the show, Mike Titsworth's dad said that Angkor Wat's live show "Inspires Insanity"! I would say he nailed it with his analogy. After a short set change, Cryptic Slaughter blew onto the stage in a speedy frenzy igniting a few circle pits throughout the club. As each song played, the pits seemed to grow in size and rabidness until the show was over.  So far these two Texas shows were way beyond our expectations. All the people that we hung out with after the show and at the merch booth were extremely cool and truly interested in the band and their music. Oh shit, we gotta hurry up and load up the gear it's getting close to beer thirty and we had to celebrate Les's birthday! He was stoked to finally be able to buy beer legally, but by the time we got to the store it was too late. Bummer. That's ok though, we hit a party for awhile at someones house and had a few beers. I don't recall where we stayed that night or what we did the next day since the next show was in Austin on the 4th of July. We probably dine n' dashed or hit a Wataburger.......
For the 4th of July we encounter cockroaches,rain,baseball bats,crowbars,skinheads and a midnight drive

Les feeling the Cryptic groove.

Cryptic Les and Bill with Rob catching air.

Cryptic Bill

Chillin' in the  Cryptic van. Back to Front.
Bill "Dine N' Dash" Crooks (striking a pose), Dave Nuss,Les Evans (reading Playboy) and Dave Brinkman in the Angkor Wat hat.

Adam Grossman and Rob Nicholson after a sweat induced show. Rob is thirsty for beer!

Adam and Dave in the back and Rob in the front. Cruising K-Mart in the South.

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CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Part 7-San Antonio will be up tomorrow 8/31

Until then here are some more flyers from my collection. Thrash L.A. style!

UNCLE SLAM-Great under rated Venice band with ex members from Suicidal. Before Uncle Slam, Todd Moyer and Amery Smith had another band called The Brood with ex Neighborhood Watch bassist John Flitcraft and put out 1 album on Profile Records. Great album! Check out Uncle Slam's reissue of their first album "Say Uncle" on Divebomb Records. Once again GREAT artwork by Michael Seiff (No Mercy,Beowulf,Welcome To Venice,Suicidal,Excel,Wasted Youth).

This was the speed metal version of Wasted Youth with Joey C. on drums who went on to play  with an L.A. band called Sugartooth, Danzig and now QOTSA. Dave Kushner went on to play in Electric Love Hogs, Velvet Revolver among others and wrote the theme music for Sons Of Anarchy.

What I remember about this show is someone from EXCEL socking someone associated with Flotsam and Jetsam in the face over some rockstar attitude about how much to sell their merch for or over wall space for merch. Recently heard rumors about a EXCEL show with BEOWULF........if the buzz is true, that would be one hell of a show!!!


Dark Angel with Don Doty on vocals was great! 
Ruthless-Metal Without Mercy!

This was an amazing show! Crossover, Punk, Metal at it's finest. From what I remember The Boneless Ones played too. SKATE FOR THE DEVIL! Some shows at Fender's in Long Beach were INSANE. Fights,Stabbings,Busted Windows,Cars getting trashed etc.

Flyers were made and were all over Santa Monica at Music Plus Record stores and in West LA at Rhino Records, but then it went quiet and the show never happened. Don't know why. I think it ended up being the Olympic Aud show with Overkill,Metal Church,DRI,Blast. Bigger venue and more bands.

Nuclear Assault  at their prime. Paul Baloff was killing posers. Missed Malicious and Gastunk from Japan which I was kinda bummed about since I pretty much dug everything on Pushead's, Pusmort Label back in the 80's (Attitude Adjustment, Final Conflict,Poison Idea etc).

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SLAYER intermission until CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Tour PART 7

Early SLAYER show for first album "Evil Has No Boundaries"!

I cut this out of an issue of BAM Magazine in L.A.
2 amazing shows! Personally the D.R.I., Abattoir show beats out the Tyrant, Agent Steel show.

This show is in my top 10 best shows I have ever attended. It was completely INSANE! The most violent SLAYER pits I have ever seen and I've seen SLAYER regularly since "Haunting The Chapel" came out. Tons of cops in Riot gear and helicopters after the show. 

Nothing to do with SLAYER except for the fact that DEAD KENNEDYS are a favorite of Jeff Hanneman and that both SLAYER and the DEAD KENNEDY'S played at the Olympic Auditorium.

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Part 6:Corpus Christi,TX-CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER TOUR 1988


Les and Rob trying to catch some sleep in the back of our van.

collage picture inside of Angkor Wat album.

Meeting Angkor Wat for the first time. From L to R

Me,Rob,Adam,Scott,David,Mike,Danny,Les and Dave
I assume Bill was taking the picture since he isn't in it.

July 1st 1988
Corpus Christi,TX-The Warehouse
     After another grueling long heat ridden drive we pull into Corpus Christi,TX. We met up with the Angkor Wat guys for the first time at either Danny Lohner’s house or at Mike Titsworth place. On the inside of ANGKOR WAT’S debut album “When Obscenity Becomes The Norm.....AWAKE!” there is a picture in the collage right above the band members individual pictures of Cryptic and Angkor Wat together for the first time. I thought this was taken at Danny’s house but Bill isn’t in the picture so maybe he took it at Mike’s house where we started partying? I do however remember being at a party (I guess it was Mike’s place) hanging out with Rodney and the guys from Devastation and Rigor Mortis. All really cool guys, Rodney gave me a copy of their “Violent Termination” record that I ended up losing somewhere over the years. Really bummed about that! Oh yeah! Les pointed out to me that someone at the party told him that Rigor Mortis lead singer Bruce Corbitt was dating 80’s porn star Seka at the time? Don’t quote me on that, just a possible rumor unless someone says otherwise..............
     The next day we went down to the Corpus Christi beach, right on the Gulf Of Mexico. The water was warm, tons of fish were jumping out of the water in the distance, everybody was uber tan and all the girls were wearing g-string bikini’s. Not something you saw very often on the beaches of Santa Monica or Venice. After a few hours of hanging out by the beach we head back to the condo that Mike Titsworth’s girlfriend got for us while we were staying in Corpus. Right on the Gulf of Mexico. It was so cool!
     We get our shit together and head to the Warehouse where tonite’s show was taking place. I remember walking into this place and thinking “Oh Shit! This place is HUGE, how are we going to get enough people in here to make it worthwhile?” The stage was at least 4 or 5 feet from the ground and easily the largest place/stage of the whole tour. After a few hours of setting up gear and merchandise, the floodgates open to hundreds upon hundreds of people. 
     Opening band, Acridity from Victoria,TX were a young, straight up Thrash band who did a great job getting people in mood for locals Angkor Wat! Once these guys took the stage, the energy level amped up ten fold. The floor was a sea of sweaty bodies swirling around as hair flew up and down. The Angkor Wat guys blew through some of their best tracks, like “Warsaw”, “Died Young” among others before a kick ass version of Black Flag’s “Police Story” and “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie”. During one of the song’s, bassist Mike Titsworth launched into the air and didn’t quite land properly and in the process busted his ass right through the stage, breaking a 2x4 in half. Luckily he was able to get up and continue the show and tour. By now the Warehouse is a madhouse of eagerness for the headliners of the night. Cryptic Slaughter assaulted the crowd from the first note and continued to vandalize them auraly song after song with the exception of a few new songs. Then there were songs like “Money Talks” and “Lowlife” where 500+ people were following Bill note for note with just as much intensity. I remember meeting the band at the side of the stage after the show and Bill telling me to get up on stage and talk to the crowd so they could catch their breath and figure what songs to play as an encore. “YOU GUYS WANT MORE? WHAT? COME ON!!! YOU WANT MORE!!!!!” I yelled into the mic as the crowd went nuts. Slowly the band came back on stage and threw the crowd a curve ball with a version of the Rolling Stones song “Stray Cat Blues” right after that we ripped into Gang Green’s “Alcohol” (A precursor of things to come after the show) and called it a night.  AN AMAZING SHOW, to say the least. A definite highlight in the history of Cryptic Slaughter.

     Afterwards we hung out, probably had some beers, got paid, packed our gear and went back to the condo. We walk through the door to our condo and there is a big bottle of tequila from Mike Titsworth’s girlfriend and her sister for us. !ARRIBA ARRIBA! YEEE HAAAAAA! It’s on! For some reason I grabbed that bottle and started chuggin’. Bad move on my part. A little while later, Scott and Bill are off to bed to get some sleep but stupid drunk guy wanted them to stay up and hangout so I kept running into their room, jumping on the bed, bouncing around laughing my ass off. I’m surprised Bill didn’t fuckin’ clock me. TEQUILA! From there it went from annoying drunk guy to dickhead drunk guy, pissing in the bathtub, falling down, blah blah blah etc. After that, all I know is at one point I passed out sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles, then I wake up in the morning on the floor in the hallway. I didn’t catch a buzz on tequila again until the mid 90’s. Stupid shit. Live and Learn right? 


NEXT UP: Les's uneventful Birthday, how someone became a dine and dash CROOK(S) and Angkor Wat inspire insanity in San Antonio.

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Introducing ANGKOR WAT from Corpus Christi,TX

ANGKOR WAT tearing it up at Blondie's in Detroit.

I didn't buy a camera until we left Texas and unfortunately nobody else brought one, so a bunch of live pics and general road pics won't show up until the tour leaves TX. 
(All photos were taken by me! If you want to use one, please ask! Thanks and Enjoy)

Before we met up with ANGKOR WAT, I didn't really know anything about them except for their blazing fast "Emotional Blackmail" track on the Complete DEATH comp from Metal Blade/Death Records. These guys had the Speed,Thrash Metal element but with a hardcore D.I.Y. asthetic. Their live shows were pure energy! Everybody in the band was either running back and forth, headbanging or jumping up and down thrashing all over the place. Besides being a greatly under appreciated and completely over looked band, these were some of the nicest, coolest guys you'd ever meet! Over the years I have kept in touch with Danny Lohner quite frequently and he has come to visit me in Portland on occasion, besides the fact that he lived up here for a short period too. Mike Titsworth and I have written each other a few times over the years and more recently he gave me some insight into things from our tour together. Most recently Mike also played in a killer band called PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION with Kurt from D.R.I. and ex members of another great TX metal band from the late 80's called DEAD HORSE. As for Brinkman (singer), last I heard was he was heavily into car racing?, David Nuss (drummer) plays in a band called SABBATH ASSEMBLY and the last I heard/read about Adam was that he was getting SKREW back together. Thank You for some amazing memories guys! Next time I'm in Texas I'll be looking you guys up or if you ever come up to the NW, get a hold of me. I would love to catch up. 

NEXT UP: CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER invades Corpus Christi, destroys the Warehouse and a bottle of Tequila becomes my enemy for many years to come!

ANGKOR WAT merch flyer

ANGKOR WAT-Demonstration Under Duress demo

ANGKOR WAT-1988 Demo

My ANGKOR WAT elephant man sticker, still intact.

This would have been an awesome show to go to!

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Cryptic Slaughter merchandise rarity!

This picture was sent to me by a good friend up in Canada who still has his C.S. beer cozy! Still puts it to good use too! Way to go Trevor. The story behind him acquiring this extremely rare beer cozy (approximately only 20 were made) is that a girl on his street used to date Les back in 1986 and after visiting him in Santa Monica, she came back with a bunch of merch and gave this to Trevor since he was a big fan of the band. I'll have to confirm this with Les, but it's a cool story anyhow. Don't ever give up that cozy Trevor!, like you did to that killer EXCEL shirt I gave to you on the 1996 "Chanting Lines Of Blind Witchery", VILLAGE IDIOT Canadian Assault Tour ! 

If your into strong beer and bicycles...check out Trevor's blog at

Part 5:Oklahoma City,Oklahoma-CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER TOUR 1988


June 29th 1988
Oklahoma City,OK-Mad Max's

     The drive from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma was extremely long and tense. I don't really remember much about the drive except for a small piece that Les reminded me about while he was driving through the Texas panhandle. Absolutely nothing to see for cars, houses, cities etc, except at the last minute, a small turtle crossing the highway. I'm sure the hare was long gone. Anyhow Les swerved to try and miss the turtle but in the rearview mirror all he saw was a shell bouncing down the road. Regrettably for the turtle we noticed his (or her) guts smeared across the U-Haul wheel well at the next gas stop. I'm sure we stayed over night somewhere along the way but it completely escapes myself and everyone in the band at this time.

     It's now dark while we're pulling into Oklahoma City and it is pitch black outside and pouring buckets of rain with the occasional lightning strike in the distance and a faint thunder clap a minute or two later. Because our visibility was so crappy, we ended up getting lost and had to pull over at  a bait shop and call Les's grandfather for directions but with the torrential rain, lightning and thunder he decided it would be best to meet us at the bait shop at Lake Overholser and have us follow him back to the house. Aaaaahhhh! After arriving at Les's grandparents house and unloading our bags we were able to relax (somewhat) or at least until the tv was interrupted with an emergency broadcast about a possible tornado. Apparently it's a regular occurrence in these parts, so instead of worrying that we were going to get swept off into the land of Oz, we ate some food and get this.......did some MadLibs that were laying around (remember those?) and got a good night sleep. To be honest, the tornado warning kinda freaked me out. Then again if anyone from Oklahoma came to L.A., they would probably be freaked about an earthquake, right?. The next day, Les's uncle took us to some sort of underage type dance club downtown for a party. The place was filled with teenage girls that seemed very intrigued by these outsiders that were in a band walking into their party. Quite funny from my recollection. We stuck out like sore thumbs from all the other corn fed guys around town, thats for sure. The show that night was not in your normal type club, it seemed more like a bar/pizza joint. The show turned out way better than expected, with a decent turnout and a really cool promoter that paid us our guarantee and fed us. The opening bands Carnage and Speed Zone Ahead were really cool and nice guys. Mad Maxx's had a cool backstage area that we defaced pretty good with Cryptic Slaughter logo's and my recent sleep talking word from the night before....Shamrock! The other cool part of the trip was a care package that was sent to us from Les's parents. L.A. Lakers championship t-shirts! The one stipulation was that we couldn't wear them in Detroit,  in fear of us getting the crap beaten out of us and after being in Detroit, we probably would have!

OFF TO CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS to meet up with ANGKOR WAT! This is where the fun really starts! SHAMROCK

p.s. Thanks to Les for the Oklahoma reminders.

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Intermission until next CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER tour 88 update

Here are a few old flyers from my collection to tide you over until Part 5 & 6 of the CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER 88 Tour,  which will be up on August 10 and 12th. Enjoy

Another great metal show. July 26th 1985 at Fender's Ballroom in Long  Beach.

This was the first time I saw KING DIAMOND it was for "Fatal Portrait". As always EXODUS and POSSESSED were excellent. Sentinal Beast was just ok to me, the BROOD on the other hand were great. The BROOD consisted of Amery Smith who played drums on the first SUICIDAL TENDENCIES album, the other members were from another early Santa Monica/Venice band called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and Venice Thrashers UNCLE SLAM! They came out with 1 album on Profile Records in 1986 that was produced by Glen E. Friedman who also did the first S.T. album and took tons of famous pics of the early L.A. punk scene and DOGTOWN skaters.

CROSSOVER at it's finest! What an amazing lineup.
This show destroyed.

One of my All Time favorite shows, EVER.
VOIVOD and CELTIC FROST blew me away!

As we all know OZ was replaced by EXODUS. I still would have liked to have seen OZ though. "Fire In The Brain" is still a great album!

Savage Grace-Master Of Disguise
Great Thrash Record from the mid early 80's!

The Almighty Caffeine Machine DARK "fuckin" ANGEL.
If you don't own Dark Angel-Darkness Decends, you are a POSER!

Early EXODUS show before "Bonded By Blood" came out.

If memory serves me correct this show in Vegas,  C.S. played as a 3 piece due to Bill being sick or having a soccer game to play that weekend, so Rob sang the set. This was one of the many times CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and WEHRMACHT played together. As most of you  know RIGHTEOUS PIGS put out 2 great records on Nuclear Blast in the late 80's before Mitch joined NAPALM DEATH. Can't overlook Mitch and Mick Harris's DEFECATION records too.

One of the few times CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and the ACCUSED played together. In fact I'll post a bunch of pics from this specific show later on. The DEHUMANIZERS played their whole set completely naked. "Kill Lou Guzzo" 7 inch, check it out if you haven't heard of the DEHUMANIZERS.

Unfortunately this show ended up getting cancelled. It would have been a blast if it went on. Dissension was more of a punk band from Long Beach. Shower Of Smega was an amazing hardcore band with a metallic edge from West L.A. Check out their stuff on the Kick Ass label !!! While you are there grab the O.G. No Mercy, T.B.N., Farewell To Venice, Cycotic Youth, Neighborhood Watch and more. Useless Degenerates was my band from 86-89, we were more of a fast punk band. Leech Freaks was a fun hardcore band with Rob from C.S. on drums, Scott on vox and some other friends from another local Santa Monica band called Toxic Prophecy. One of these days I'll have to put up these bands old demo tapes if anyone is interested??????

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Part 4:First show Salt Lake City,Utah-CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER TOUR 1988


June 25th 1988
Salt Lake City,UT-Speedway Cafe
First show of the tour! The drive from Las Vegas to SLC was pretty uneventful from what I remember, lot's of flat land and massive red mountains/boulders, overall though..pretty boring and hot. Also there's not really much to do in a sweaty Ford Cargo van with 5 guys. Your either driving, navigating or your laying in back (trying) sleeping, listening to your cassette Walkman (remember those? Nobody had portable cd players yet), reading or talking. No big tour bus here with a fridge, flatscreen tv, bunk, microwave, toilet to piss in (soda bottles, windows or back door on the van for us). All these new bands that are able to hop into a lush RV or bus for their first tour, should pay some dues and try a full tour in a van! Hmmmmm I wonder how different things would have been if we had a bus and driver on this tour??? Probably would have been spit on by the fans for being sellouts or something. I know it’s far fetched but would the band have been able to stay together if that was the case? Probably not, but it would have been easier to separate people when things felt tense. Anyhow upon arrival into Salt Lake City, we noticed quite a few homeless people and an over abundance of white people. I've travelled to almost every state in the U.S., across Canada and to quite a few places in Europe and SLC is by far the most white city ever. I think we saw only a couple of blacks and hispanics the whole time we were there, granted it wasn’t very long but, you drive down any street in L.A. and it’s not like that! Who knows maybe it's changed since 1988? Maybe for some reason we all seemed to notice it more since we're all from one of the biggest melting pots in the country. Just an observation. Not sure where we first stopped at either Raunch Records or the Speedway Cafe? Brad Collin's who owns Raunch Records had an amazing record store/gathering place for the punk/hardcore outcasts of SLC. Raunch started in the 1983 and went strong until 1997 and re-opened in 2009. Over the years Raunch hosted a pleathora of shows from hardcore thrash metal of Cryptic Slaughter and The Accused to the more punk/indie styles of Dag Nasty, The Vandals, Sister Double Happiness and tons more. That night C.S. played at a place called the Speedway Cafe, it was an all ages venue that kicked ass! The staff and and everyone there was super cool and welcoming and genuinely stoked that C.S. was playing. The kids here seemed to be so hungry for music. After two opening acts, Insaneacide & Hate X9. Cryptic blew onto the stage with a tornado of energy to a packed house and tore through a set of their best songs from "Convicted" and "Money Talks" and gave the crowd a taste of about 3 or 4 songs from the upcoming "Stream of Consciousness" record which went over tremendously! Plenty of headbanging, thrashing craziness and the band fed of the intensity. I remember the band being in extra fine form that night and were extra energetic and giving it every ounce of fire they had, especially Bill. His singing was especially strong, intense and full of piss and vinegar! After the show we hung out for a bit, packed our gear and headed to a party that we were invited to at a fans house. Upon arrival we tracked down some cheap beer and threw a few back with no thought about it being way weaker than what we were accustom to back home or anywhere else for that matter. Are there any other states that have lower alcohol beer like Utah? Usually at the age of 17,18 or 20 after about 5 or 6 beers you tend to notice somewhat of a buzz creeping on..............right? Apparently not on crappy 3.5 or less SLC beer, which we didn't even think of. We also didn’t think about the possibility of having to buy more beer later.  Aaahhhh forget it. It’s a bust, let's just crash and get on the road to Oklahoma first thing in the morning.
      One of the things that did stick out in SLC, besides Brad's killer Raunch Records store was what they showed us in the basement of the club or the venue (I don't quite exactly remember which one it was) but it was pretty cool.  Down in the basement they found a bunch of old indian artifacts and bones that they didn't want to disclose to the city, in fear that  they would confiscate the goods and not treat it properly, instead they told the local Indian tribe in the area so they could do what they felt appropriate with these sacred items. Pretty Cool. The next morning, we all pile into the van and Bill goes to say something but nothing came out except this super quiet high squeaky raspy voice. Bill blew out his voice pretty bad the night before. We all busted up laughing. I remember Rob had a video camera at the time and was filming Bill talking while we were driving and we were all cracking was one of those things that you you had to be there for or see in order for it to be funny, ya know what I mean? Bill blew out his voice pretty bad the night before. Trust me when I was laugh out loud funny. I'm sure Bill laughed too from what I remember. Over the years I have asked Rob if he was able to find what little video he filmed on the tour....but to no avail! Bummed that it got lost or destroyed. There was some stuff on there that would have been GREAT for a Cryptic documentary DVD that could coincide with a "Stream" reissue.....Any of you fans interested in something like that? Luckily the next show wasn’t for a few days so Bill’s voice could get better. Otherwise I don't know what we would have done....Bill, Rob and myself probably would have taken turns singing songs. As we drove into Oklahoma City, the sky turned pitch black and the rain poured down as we drove straight into the flashes of lightning with the occasional clattering of thunder. It seemed like a Tornado or something was brewing in the clouds the closer we got. Once again, not really something us kids from Santa Monica saw, except for Les who has family in Oklahoma and would travel there frequently .

Tickets that were sold at Raunch Records and The Speedway Cafe.
All Access sticky pass for the band with date of  show 6/25/88

Metal Blade/Death Records promotional poster for upcoming releases 1988