Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Part 7-San Antonio will be up tomorrow 8/31

Until then here are some more flyers from my collection. Thrash L.A. style!

UNCLE SLAM-Great under rated Venice band with ex members from Suicidal. Before Uncle Slam, Todd Moyer and Amery Smith had another band called The Brood with ex Neighborhood Watch bassist John Flitcraft and put out 1 album on Profile Records. Great album! Check out Uncle Slam's reissue of their first album "Say Uncle" on Divebomb Records. Once again GREAT artwork by Michael Seiff (No Mercy,Beowulf,Welcome To Venice,Suicidal,Excel,Wasted Youth).

This was the speed metal version of Wasted Youth with Joey C. on drums who went on to play  with an L.A. band called Sugartooth, Danzig and now QOTSA. Dave Kushner went on to play in Electric Love Hogs, Velvet Revolver among others and wrote the theme music for Sons Of Anarchy.

What I remember about this show is someone from EXCEL socking someone associated with Flotsam and Jetsam in the face over some rockstar attitude about how much to sell their merch for or over wall space for merch. Recently heard rumors about a EXCEL show with BEOWULF........if the buzz is true, that would be one hell of a show!!!


Dark Angel with Don Doty on vocals was great! 
Ruthless-Metal Without Mercy!

This was an amazing show! Crossover, Punk, Metal at it's finest. From what I remember The Boneless Ones played too. SKATE FOR THE DEVIL! Some shows at Fender's in Long Beach were INSANE. Fights,Stabbings,Busted Windows,Cars getting trashed etc.

Flyers were made and were all over Santa Monica at Music Plus Record stores and in West LA at Rhino Records, but then it went quiet and the show never happened. Don't know why. I think it ended up being the Olympic Aud show with Overkill,Metal Church,DRI,Blast. Bigger venue and more bands.

Nuclear Assault  at their prime. Paul Baloff was killing posers. Missed Malicious and Gastunk from Japan which I was kinda bummed about since I pretty much dug everything on Pushead's, Pusmort Label back in the 80's (Attitude Adjustment, Final Conflict,Poison Idea etc).

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