Thursday, August 11, 2011

Part 5:Oklahoma City,Oklahoma-CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER TOUR 1988


June 29th 1988
Oklahoma City,OK-Mad Max's

     The drive from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma was extremely long and tense. I don't really remember much about the drive except for a small piece that Les reminded me about while he was driving through the Texas panhandle. Absolutely nothing to see for cars, houses, cities etc, except at the last minute, a small turtle crossing the highway. I'm sure the hare was long gone. Anyhow Les swerved to try and miss the turtle but in the rearview mirror all he saw was a shell bouncing down the road. Regrettably for the turtle we noticed his (or her) guts smeared across the U-Haul wheel well at the next gas stop. I'm sure we stayed over night somewhere along the way but it completely escapes myself and everyone in the band at this time.

     It's now dark while we're pulling into Oklahoma City and it is pitch black outside and pouring buckets of rain with the occasional lightning strike in the distance and a faint thunder clap a minute or two later. Because our visibility was so crappy, we ended up getting lost and had to pull over at  a bait shop and call Les's grandfather for directions but with the torrential rain, lightning and thunder he decided it would be best to meet us at the bait shop at Lake Overholser and have us follow him back to the house. Aaaaahhhh! After arriving at Les's grandparents house and unloading our bags we were able to relax (somewhat) or at least until the tv was interrupted with an emergency broadcast about a possible tornado. Apparently it's a regular occurrence in these parts, so instead of worrying that we were going to get swept off into the land of Oz, we ate some food and get this.......did some MadLibs that were laying around (remember those?) and got a good night sleep. To be honest, the tornado warning kinda freaked me out. Then again if anyone from Oklahoma came to L.A., they would probably be freaked about an earthquake, right?. The next day, Les's uncle took us to some sort of underage type dance club downtown for a party. The place was filled with teenage girls that seemed very intrigued by these outsiders that were in a band walking into their party. Quite funny from my recollection. We stuck out like sore thumbs from all the other corn fed guys around town, thats for sure. The show that night was not in your normal type club, it seemed more like a bar/pizza joint. The show turned out way better than expected, with a decent turnout and a really cool promoter that paid us our guarantee and fed us. The opening bands Carnage and Speed Zone Ahead were really cool and nice guys. Mad Maxx's had a cool backstage area that we defaced pretty good with Cryptic Slaughter logo's and my recent sleep talking word from the night before....Shamrock! The other cool part of the trip was a care package that was sent to us from Les's parents. L.A. Lakers championship t-shirts! The one stipulation was that we couldn't wear them in Detroit,  in fear of us getting the crap beaten out of us and after being in Detroit, we probably would have!

OFF TO CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS to meet up with ANGKOR WAT! This is where the fun really starts! SHAMROCK

p.s. Thanks to Les for the Oklahoma reminders.

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