Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cryptic Slaughter merchandise rarity!

This picture was sent to me by a good friend up in Canada who still has his C.S. beer cozy! Still puts it to good use too! Way to go Trevor. The story behind him acquiring this extremely rare beer cozy (approximately only 20 were made) is that a girl on his street used to date Les back in 1986 and after visiting him in Santa Monica, she came back with a bunch of merch and gave this to Trevor since he was a big fan of the band. I'll have to confirm this with Les, but it's a cool story anyhow. Don't ever give up that cozy Trevor!, like you did to that killer EXCEL shirt I gave to you on the 1996 "Chanting Lines Of Blind Witchery", VILLAGE IDIOT Canadian Assault Tour ! 

If your into strong beer and bicycles...check out Trevor's blog at


trev said...

Yeah you should confirm it with Les, but I am pretty damn sure he will mirror my story.

Les said...

Trevor rules. Whatever he says must be true.

Ask him about the tiger story...