Thursday, August 25, 2011

SLAYER intermission until CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Tour PART 7

Early SLAYER show for first album "Evil Has No Boundaries"!

I cut this out of an issue of BAM Magazine in L.A.
2 amazing shows! Personally the D.R.I., Abattoir show beats out the Tyrant, Agent Steel show.

This show is in my top 10 best shows I have ever attended. It was completely INSANE! The most violent SLAYER pits I have ever seen and I've seen SLAYER regularly since "Haunting The Chapel" came out. Tons of cops in Riot gear and helicopters after the show. 

Nothing to do with SLAYER except for the fact that DEAD KENNEDYS are a favorite of Jeff Hanneman and that both SLAYER and the DEAD KENNEDY'S played at the Olympic Auditorium.

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