Saturday, August 13, 2011

Introducing ANGKOR WAT from Corpus Christi,TX

ANGKOR WAT tearing it up at Blondie's in Detroit.

I didn't buy a camera until we left Texas and unfortunately nobody else brought one, so a bunch of live pics and general road pics won't show up until the tour leaves TX. 
(All photos were taken by me! If you want to use one, please ask! Thanks and Enjoy)

Before we met up with ANGKOR WAT, I didn't really know anything about them except for their blazing fast "Emotional Blackmail" track on the Complete DEATH comp from Metal Blade/Death Records. These guys had the Speed,Thrash Metal element but with a hardcore D.I.Y. asthetic. Their live shows were pure energy! Everybody in the band was either running back and forth, headbanging or jumping up and down thrashing all over the place. Besides being a greatly under appreciated and completely over looked band, these were some of the nicest, coolest guys you'd ever meet! Over the years I have kept in touch with Danny Lohner quite frequently and he has come to visit me in Portland on occasion, besides the fact that he lived up here for a short period too. Mike Titsworth and I have written each other a few times over the years and more recently he gave me some insight into things from our tour together. Most recently Mike also played in a killer band called PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION with Kurt from D.R.I. and ex members of another great TX metal band from the late 80's called DEAD HORSE. As for Brinkman (singer), last I heard was he was heavily into car racing?, David Nuss (drummer) plays in a band called SABBATH ASSEMBLY and the last I heard/read about Adam was that he was getting SKREW back together. Thank You for some amazing memories guys! Next time I'm in Texas I'll be looking you guys up or if you ever come up to the NW, get a hold of me. I would love to catch up. 

NEXT UP: CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER invades Corpus Christi, destroys the Warehouse and a bottle of Tequila becomes my enemy for many years to come!

ANGKOR WAT merch flyer

ANGKOR WAT-Demonstration Under Duress demo

ANGKOR WAT-1988 Demo

My ANGKOR WAT elephant man sticker, still intact.

This would have been an awesome show to go to!

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