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Part 6:Corpus Christi,TX-CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER TOUR 1988


Les and Rob trying to catch some sleep in the back of our van.

collage picture inside of Angkor Wat album.

Meeting Angkor Wat for the first time. From L to R

Me,Rob,Adam,Scott,David,Mike,Danny,Les and Dave
I assume Bill was taking the picture since he isn't in it.

July 1st 1988
Corpus Christi,TX-The Warehouse
     After another grueling long heat ridden drive we pull into Corpus Christi,TX. We met up with the Angkor Wat guys for the first time at either Danny Lohner’s house or at Mike Titsworth place. On the inside of ANGKOR WAT’S debut album “When Obscenity Becomes The Norm.....AWAKE!” there is a picture in the collage right above the band members individual pictures of Cryptic and Angkor Wat together for the first time. I thought this was taken at Danny’s house but Bill isn’t in the picture so maybe he took it at Mike’s house where we started partying? I do however remember being at a party (I guess it was Mike’s place) hanging out with Rodney and the guys from Devastation and Rigor Mortis. All really cool guys, Rodney gave me a copy of their “Violent Termination” record that I ended up losing somewhere over the years. Really bummed about that! Oh yeah! Les pointed out to me that someone at the party told him that Rigor Mortis lead singer Bruce Corbitt was dating 80’s porn star Seka at the time? Don’t quote me on that, just a possible rumor unless someone says otherwise..............
     The next day we went down to the Corpus Christi beach, right on the Gulf Of Mexico. The water was warm, tons of fish were jumping out of the water in the distance, everybody was uber tan and all the girls were wearing g-string bikini’s. Not something you saw very often on the beaches of Santa Monica or Venice. After a few hours of hanging out by the beach we head back to the condo that Mike Titsworth’s girlfriend got for us while we were staying in Corpus. Right on the Gulf of Mexico. It was so cool!
     We get our shit together and head to the Warehouse where tonite’s show was taking place. I remember walking into this place and thinking “Oh Shit! This place is HUGE, how are we going to get enough people in here to make it worthwhile?” The stage was at least 4 or 5 feet from the ground and easily the largest place/stage of the whole tour. After a few hours of setting up gear and merchandise, the floodgates open to hundreds upon hundreds of people. 
     Opening band, Acridity from Victoria,TX were a young, straight up Thrash band who did a great job getting people in mood for locals Angkor Wat! Once these guys took the stage, the energy level amped up ten fold. The floor was a sea of sweaty bodies swirling around as hair flew up and down. The Angkor Wat guys blew through some of their best tracks, like “Warsaw”, “Died Young” among others before a kick ass version of Black Flag’s “Police Story” and “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie”. During one of the song’s, bassist Mike Titsworth launched into the air and didn’t quite land properly and in the process busted his ass right through the stage, breaking a 2x4 in half. Luckily he was able to get up and continue the show and tour. By now the Warehouse is a madhouse of eagerness for the headliners of the night. Cryptic Slaughter assaulted the crowd from the first note and continued to vandalize them auraly song after song with the exception of a few new songs. Then there were songs like “Money Talks” and “Lowlife” where 500+ people were following Bill note for note with just as much intensity. I remember meeting the band at the side of the stage after the show and Bill telling me to get up on stage and talk to the crowd so they could catch their breath and figure what songs to play as an encore. “YOU GUYS WANT MORE? WHAT? COME ON!!! YOU WANT MORE!!!!!” I yelled into the mic as the crowd went nuts. Slowly the band came back on stage and threw the crowd a curve ball with a version of the Rolling Stones song “Stray Cat Blues” right after that we ripped into Gang Green’s “Alcohol” (A precursor of things to come after the show) and called it a night.  AN AMAZING SHOW, to say the least. A definite highlight in the history of Cryptic Slaughter.

     Afterwards we hung out, probably had some beers, got paid, packed our gear and went back to the condo. We walk through the door to our condo and there is a big bottle of tequila from Mike Titsworth’s girlfriend and her sister for us. !ARRIBA ARRIBA! YEEE HAAAAAA! It’s on! For some reason I grabbed that bottle and started chuggin’. Bad move on my part. A little while later, Scott and Bill are off to bed to get some sleep but stupid drunk guy wanted them to stay up and hangout so I kept running into their room, jumping on the bed, bouncing around laughing my ass off. I’m surprised Bill didn’t fuckin’ clock me. TEQUILA! From there it went from annoying drunk guy to dickhead drunk guy, pissing in the bathtub, falling down, blah blah blah etc. After that, all I know is at one point I passed out sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles, then I wake up in the morning on the floor in the hallway. I didn’t catch a buzz on tequila again until the mid 90’s. Stupid shit. Live and Learn right? 


NEXT UP: Les's uneventful Birthday, how someone became a dine and dash CROOK(S) and Angkor Wat inspire insanity in San Antonio.

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Let's not forget Drunk guy who pissed in the jacuzzi, only to dunk his entire head in said jacuzzi shortly thereafter.

It was like you were bobbing for invisible apples :)