Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Intermission until next CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER tour 88 update

Here are a few old flyers from my collection to tide you over until Part 5 & 6 of the CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER 88 Tour,  which will be up on August 10 and 12th. Enjoy

Another great metal show. July 26th 1985 at Fender's Ballroom in Long  Beach.

This was the first time I saw KING DIAMOND it was for "Fatal Portrait". As always EXODUS and POSSESSED were excellent. Sentinal Beast was just ok to me, the BROOD on the other hand were great. The BROOD consisted of Amery Smith who played drums on the first SUICIDAL TENDENCIES album, the other members were from another early Santa Monica/Venice band called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and Venice Thrashers UNCLE SLAM! They came out with 1 album on Profile Records in 1986 that was produced by Glen E. Friedman who also did the first S.T. album and took tons of famous pics of the early L.A. punk scene and DOGTOWN skaters.

CROSSOVER at it's finest! What an amazing lineup.
This show destroyed.

One of my All Time favorite shows, EVER.
VOIVOD and CELTIC FROST blew me away!

As we all know OZ was replaced by EXODUS. I still would have liked to have seen OZ though. "Fire In The Brain" is still a great album!

Savage Grace-Master Of Disguise
Great Thrash Record from the mid early 80's!

The Almighty Caffeine Machine DARK "fuckin" ANGEL.
If you don't own Dark Angel-Darkness Decends, you are a POSER!

Early EXODUS show before "Bonded By Blood" came out.

If memory serves me correct this show in Vegas,  C.S. played as a 3 piece due to Bill being sick or having a soccer game to play that weekend, so Rob sang the set. This was one of the many times CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and WEHRMACHT played together. As most of you  know RIGHTEOUS PIGS put out 2 great records on Nuclear Blast in the late 80's before Mitch joined NAPALM DEATH. Can't overlook Mitch and Mick Harris's DEFECATION records too.

One of the few times CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and the ACCUSED played together. In fact I'll post a bunch of pics from this specific show later on. The DEHUMANIZERS played their whole set completely naked. "Kill Lou Guzzo" 7 inch, check it out if you haven't heard of the DEHUMANIZERS.

Unfortunately this show ended up getting cancelled. It would have been a blast if it went on. Dissension was more of a punk band from Long Beach. Shower Of Smega was an amazing hardcore band with a metallic edge from West L.A. Check out their stuff on the Kick Ass label !!! While you are there grab the O.G. No Mercy, T.B.N., Farewell To Venice, Cycotic Youth, Neighborhood Watch and more. Useless Degenerates was my band from 86-89, we were more of a fast punk band. Leech Freaks was a fun hardcore band with Rob from C.S. on drums, Scott on vox and some other friends from another local Santa Monica band called Toxic Prophecy. One of these days I'll have to put up these bands old demo tapes if anyone is interested??????

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man this is great, any old skool stuff is awesome. I put up some of the cryptic slaughter house party master on yt...